2021国际流行色 彩趋势与室内设计理念

What is Color?

Colors Are Phenomena That Shape Our Choices and Manipulate Our Emotions

Color is a phenomenon. It is a perception. We see things, our eyes send data to our brains and our brains respond back that it is blue, green or whatever color. This is the most simple way to describe the color.

In this article, we are not looking for an answer to whether the phenomenon called color really exists or what is its scientific definition. This is such a deep subject that can only be the topic of another article. But it is a fact that colors exist in all areas of our lives. They can stimulate emotions, affect thinking, change mood. They can cause you to like something a lot and vice versa. In short, colors, which have their own unique language, have serious and profound effects on human psychology.

When we start from the fact that they occupy an important place in our lives, we see that we are dominated by colors. They guide all our aesthetic concerns. The first thing we pay attention to when renovating homes, combining clothes, launching runway collections and beauty items, choosing furniture, painting walls, choosing tiles for floors and walls of bathrooms, purchasing accessories or decoration units is color.

Each year has its own unique colors. We look forward to these colors announced by the authorities and we definitely sprinkle them into our lives more or less.

So, if you are ready to go on, let’s dig in!


Bright Yellow and Sophisticated Gray in 2021

Two colors were picked to match the complexity of this year: 'Ultimate Gray' and “Illuminating” However, this is not a very surprising move because 2016 also had a duo: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

According to the statement made by the institute, two main factors had an effect on the color decision. You know, Pantone has always been known for their trend forecasts. They closely follow the latest trends in fashion and art. They combines the data gathered from here with their own insights and reveal the color of the next year. However, 2020 was not a normal year in all respects due to the pandemic. It has been a year full of imbalances and obstacles in many areas such as public health, international trade, money economy, political stability and so on. For this reason, it would not be realistic to focus only on the colorful side of life when choosing the color of 2021. There should be reference to both ends of reality. On the one hand, the reality of life, on the other hand, new trends in the world of design and fashion. This is the origin story of the two colors. While the vibrant yellow instills new excitement, hope and optimism in people, the indistinct dull gray gives us messages of strength and determination, advising us not to give up in spite of everything, and to hold firmly to our roots.

"The selection of two independent colors highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting," explained Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

"Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a colour combination that gives us resilience and hope," she continued. "We need to feel encouraged and uplifted, this is essential to the human spirit."

We will see Ultimate Gray and Illuminating in many areas of our lives in 2021, from fashion to architecture, from interior design to decoration.


While gray looks more dramatic and mysterious as it approaches to black, it becomes illuminating and vibrant as it approaches to white or silver. Gray is solid and stable. It creates a feeling of relaxation and tranquility in a chaotic world. It is silent and hidden. It is reliable and practical. It does not stimulate or energize, but balances and controls. It pulls down stronger bright colors and brightens softer tones. Gray color is neutral. It is a crossover between black and white. It has no common ground; it is neither that one way nor the other. It has a constant effect on other colors around it.


Nothing new for gray. It is already one of the most dominant colors of the last decade in design world. Pantone's announcement this year must be a late appreciation for gray but finally they officially delivered the value it deserves. Although its popularity has been questioned from time to time, it is still one of the few colors that designers use most.

Because it is a neutral color. It can be easily blended with other colors and allows you to play with more colors in decoration. Gray has always had a noble feel. It adds a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere to spaces.

For 2021 designers predict that we will see a lot of combination of gray and white or beige, gray and orange, gray and red, gray and yellow, gray and green, and bluish green.


In the language of colors, yellow signifies happiness and joy. It is the color of sun and gold; symbolizes existence, life, charm, intelligence, desires and spiritual development. It gives warmth and energy. Yellow is also an expression of temporariness. All over the world, the reason why taxis are yellow is to draw attention and be known to be temporary. That's why Pantone chose yellow. The message is quite clear: The pandemic is temporary, keep your energy up, better days are coming soon.

What Does Yellow Represent Negative?

Attention! It matters how much yellow you use. Despite all these positive effects, yellow reminds transience and death. It was found that children cry more in rooms painted in yellow and adults to become angry. Interestingly, animals turn yellow, not red, to show that they're angry. Dark yellow is known as the color of jealousy and betrayal. It is one of the most common colors because it has the least pigment.


When it comes to interior decoration, it is all about how much yellow you use and which hues of yellow you prefer. For example, bright lemon yellow is the color that tires the eye the most. At the same time, the yellow color speeds up the metabolism. Also, it's not a good idea to sleep or work in a room with walls completely painted yellow from top to bottom. It tires your brain and eyes. Yellow is like sunlight, you want it to be there to feel good, but you don't want to get it in your eyes.

The Do’s and Dont’s for Yellow Walls

It would be wise to use yellow as an accent color on the walls. Or a two-color wall painting may be preferred. With a solid black border line, you can distinguish yellow from the second color. The second color should definitely be a tone that will soften the yellow. Or, you can take advantage of the softer tones of yellow. If you are going to proceed with such a preference, you should definitely use various shades of gray, black, blue, white and wood colors in your furniture. Thus, you create a modern decoration example. For a maximalist look, you can opt for green, orange and reddish hues.


Gray and yellow are two colors that complement each other and work in harmony. While the brightness and liveliness of yellow increase the energy, the cool and controller gray brings balance to the space. This allows us to enjoy the spaces we decorate and live in comfortably.


If you are going to paint your walls in gray or thinking about covering them with gray marble tiles, choose your sofa yellow. Add gray seat cushions, a hue darker than the gray you use on walls. Complete the look with wooden furniture and a light gray-white mix rug. Use black, beige and different shades of yellow in your accessories. Leave floors in a light neutral color.

A very light gray wall match smoothly with anthracite gray sofas. In this case leave the complementary objects yellow and the curtains white. Opt for a off-white armchair with some black patterns in it. Go bold with a yellow marble or yellow travertine coffee table.


When it comes to bedrooms, the issue gets a little more complicated. Because bedrooms are our resting areas. Too yellow or the wrong shade of yellow may disrupt our regular sleep routine as it will keep us constantly alert. The use of intense gray or dark gray can put you in a depressed mood. Since it is not correct to use too much furniture in bedrooms, it will not be easy either to catch the color balance with other objects. For this reason, we should choose the yellow and gray tones that we use very carefully. One of the biggest mistakes will be to paint the bedroom walls completely yellow. Avoid doing this. Instead, create an accent wall using yellow only at the backside of your headboard, and leave rest gray. Or make yellow your vanity table area. That will make you smile any time you look in the mirror.

If you want to use a single color on the walls, go for light gray. Use yellow and white in your duvet cover and curtains, dark grey for headboard and wood details for bedside table. Cushions in white, yellow and different hues of gray, black framed paintings. As a final touch, opt for dark gray or mustard color pique. The combination of light gray, lemon yellow, dark gray, black, white and mustard color always work in harmony.


Wallpapers were one of the most famous wall covering applications in the first three quarters of the 20th century. We used to see this wall application frequently, especially in American and British homes. Though, when we moved towards the mid-century modern style, we started to see more white walls and the use of wallpapers decreased. But still it's not over. Thanks to modern technology, wallpapers are now more durable and easier to apply and remove. More sophisticated lines, natural colors and geometric patterns are seen in modern wallpapers. Designers predicted that as of 2020, the most preferred wallpapers would be made of vinyl material, and they said that panorama, trick of the eye, new chintz, geometric, 3D textures will dominate the wallpaper patern trend.

As of 2021, wallpaper companies seem to have adapted immediately to the dominant colors of the year. If you are going to use wallpaper, your job is not that difficult. There are many options. You will see the presence of very nice wallpapers with light shades of yellow, gray, white, off white, blue, green and some dark shades of grey also to create contrast. Here again, the point will be to pay attention to not covering the whole room with wallpaper. Select accent wall behind the bed headboard, desk or use above a wainscoting or chair rail.


Effects of the decorative products used in the design of spaces are simply important. However, it is the floors and walls that create the real effect. We have to act carefully when choosing materials for these areas where we do not make changes easily. The first products that come to mind are wood, ceramic, laminate, porcelain or concreate. However, this trend has begun to lose its effect in recent years and be replaced by natural stones, especially marble.

Marble! It is an indisputable fact that marble is a wonderful material. I'm not even talking about its gorgeous historical background. It has a very large fan base of its own and you can never make those people use anything other than marble. It is a kind of love. Contrary to what most of you might think, it is an extremely budget-friendly material.

We have just talked about the color gray, right? How it balances spaces. Have you ever think about gray marble? The combination of tranquility and naturalness? Isn't it a literally understated beauty? Simplicity is always good.

There are gray marbles in warm and cool tones, with different vein and patterns, each more beautiful than the other. Turkey is a paradise on gray marble. You can visit our products page for gray marbles that can be used in almost all rooms of homes, on floors and walls.


Marble, which is already an indispensable product of commercial buildings, hotels or public centers, has now started to enter the homes of ultimate consumers more frequently. Because now we are more conscious about the use of marble. We used to hear two bad reputations about marble. First, marble is a very expensive material, secondly, it is very difficult to maintain. As we started to experience marble more, this hearsay information lost its effectiveness. We realized the price performance efficiency; we saw that marble is in a much more advantageous position than all other materials. Its maintenance is as simple as it can be done with very ordinary sealants purchased from DIY stores.


Marble is a hundred percent natural material. In the digital age we are in, we want to be more intertwined with nature. Marble is nature itself. If we have marble in our house, it means that we can touch a living part of nature every day. Of course, we do not have to cover the whole house with marble, but it is necessary to start somewhere and this is possible with very economical budgets. The beauty of marble does not end with counting, but some of them are: 100% natural material, sustainable, various types, various colors, various vein and patterns, classical modern air, extremely aesthetic look and so on. We want to see marble more often in our homes.


When it comes to serious and demanding jobs like facade cladding, flooring and wall covering, we are a little bit hesitant about colors. Color matters when choosing marble. We wouldn't want to lay the entire floor of our house in black marble, right? Because light is an important figure in the houses. Or a living room of which walls fully covered with red marble. Does it sound okay? Of course not. That's why cool and light neutral hues will always remain a favorite for larger areas for less risky jobs.

Most of you may think that gray is a soulless color in marble. However, there are many undertones from dark gray to light silver. It allows you to create the most natural, calm and minimal environments with properly selected furniture, carpets, curtains, sofas and decoration products.


We have a few days to finish the first month of 2021. Designers had started giving clues about this year's interior decoration trends before 2020 ends. In our opinion, the most striking feature of this year is the home office working trend which has become a part of our lives after the pandemic. Of course, this was an existing method of work, but it was never as intense as it is now. For this reason, we should decorate the office spaces in our homes by focusing on colors that will not distract us, on the contrary, increase concentration.


Color, color, color! This will be the focal point in home Office 2021 design trends. Because we need more optimisim and encouragement in our lives. However we don't mean to go for a neon green paint 🙂 but maybe a desk lamb. Keep the bright colors for accessories, chair, stationary and office supplies. Some bright yellow and blue, orange or pink would be perfect to give you joy.

"With the recognition that we’re in this WFH phase for a while longer, 2021 is an invitation to bring more joy and cheer into your home office with a more playful and vibrant palette. Much like the rest of home design, we expect to see a rise in colorful home office accents, from bold rugs to statement chairs.”—Heather Goerzen, creative and design at Havenly.

Keep simple the walls. Think about colors that not distruct you but help you to concentrate more. White, light gray, beige... Sudden video call meeting would be inevitable. So you might want a specially decored background that will look good while you are online. An accent wall with wallpaper or a bookmatched marble wall. This is also going to be the spot that you are going to get inspired while working. Put a lot of plants to get your daily dose of nature. Let your chair to be both comfy and funny. Don't get one of those black office types.

For more tips, visit My Domaine's Home Office Design Trends article.


We may want to add a little more character to our modern living spaces as of this year. For this reason, rustic items can have more say in our modern life. This can also be called the combination of old and new. Wood comes to mind first when someone say rustic. It's time to utilize the old woods and bring them in.

A small tip for those who do not want to make a very sharp transition but still love wood: pay attention how much wood you want to use. Balance is important. We think wood suits white marble in a perfect way. If you think like us, you can use white marble on your kitchen counter and wood in your kitchen cabinets to create a modern atmosphere by combining both rustic and classic elements. With white marble, go bold. Because in 2021, staid whites look going away according to some designers. White marbles rich in vein and pattern are going to be favorite ones. Take a quick look at our white marble category for some inspiration. Take a quick look at our white marble for some inspiration.


Earth itself is our greatest source of inspiration and it advises us to keep things simple. Its versatile, natural shades allow us to focus on clean and tactile design. It emphasizes movement towards functionality by incorporating our daily world into design.

Shades such as beige, cream, ivory, greige, taupe, brown and sage green create warmth and comfort in any interior. We can create a warm environment by using these colors in decorative objects, carpet or curtains. A beige sitting room, taupe wood kitchen cabinets, green marble wall in dining room would bring roots of nature in our home. Green accent walls or sage green kitchen trend which are emerged with the effect of biophilic design seems to continue also.

Nancy Hooff of the Atlanta-based design firm Carter Kay Interiors, says “We find that by keeping a room wrapped in quiet earth tones, the rich natural colors of Mother Nature, right outside the window, are allowed to be more visible and more pronounced than if they are fighting stronger colors used on interiors.”


We need more nature. We need more green. We need more light. We need more tranquility. Biophilic Desing will continue to be one of the most trendy interiors of 2021. Go to read our previous article about “What is The Big Deal With Biophilic Design” and get some tips how to integrate this trend in your life.


Trend experts and interior designers expect all-in-white kitchens, minimalism, faux objects, terrazzo stone, mid-century modern style, dark colors to disappear as of 2021. We will examine this topic in a separate article. Stay tuned!?

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